The Koinobori Project is a project to make Japanese carp-streamers with schools as part of a cultural exchange with Himeji, Japan.

Want to conduct your own 'Koinobori Project'? Click here to download a booklet that explains in detail how to conduct the project from start to finish.

The Koinobori Project and the Japan Australia Friendship Association would like to thank...

Koinobori project participant schools

  • St George College
  • Cowandilla Primary School
  • West Lakes Shore School
  • Roma Mitchell Secondary School
  • Tatachilla Lutheran College

School teachers

  • Anthea Pasalidis
  • Emily Corbett
  • Jenny Panopolous
  • Lucy Tubb
  • Louise Walker
  • Melissa Weinert
  • Mio Honda
  • Takaaki Toden


  • Carly Lethborg
  • Catherine Migliore
  • Chelsea McCormack
  • Julia Cricelli
  • Pinn Chen Koay
  • Greg Corbett

Sewing and koinobori construction

  • Machiko Dunphy
  • Vanessa Kerr
  • Greg Corbett


  • Margaret Brooks
  • Mike Dunphy
  • Taichiro Takamatsu

Paint provided by

  • Japan Australia Friendship Association
  • Taichiro Takamatsu

Koinobori from Japanese schools provided by

  • Taichiro Takamatsu


  • Adelaide City Council
  • Japan Australia Friendship Association

Project coordinator

  • Greg Corbett

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Diary Dates


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