Tasks we need help with include…


  • cooking
  • helping at the stalls
  • setting up and cleaning up the festival
  • selling raffle tickets
  • collecting entrance donations
  • information running, etc.

Volunteers should be available 9 am – 5 pm on the day of the Festival.  We also need some volunteers to work on the Friday afternoon before the festival, and Saturday before to assist with preparations.

We also need a large number of volunteers to help pack up on the Sunday afternoon on the day of the festival.

Festival Volunteers

If you would like to be a volunteer on the Saturday before the festival, or on the day of the festival (Sunday), please click here.

Festival Packup crew

If you would like to be a volunteer just on Sunday afternoon 3-6pm to help pack up, click here.




Want to take on a role of greater responsibility? Want to gain management experience? Want to help run the festival, but don't have time to commit to joining the festival subcommittee? We need volunteer managers to be our eyes and ears on the day of the festival.

Click here to apply. For more information, read on...


We are looking for volunteer managers who

- preferably have experience volunteering or at least attending the festival, or have experience in a managerial role at a similar festival.

- can use initiative when required, think on their feet, keep calm under pressure and problem solve effectively.

- can commit to a)one meeting with JAFA one month before the festival b) one volunteer meeting two weeks before the festival c) working on the day of the festival and if possible d) helping set up on the Saturday before the festival.


We are looking to fill the following volunteer manager positions.

  • Activities Manager
  • Roving Assistants
  • Car Park Supervisor
  • Donations volunteer manager
  • Change room supervisor
  • Anpan Manager
  • Stage Manager
  • Kimono Room Supervisor
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Technical
  • Craft Supervisor
  • Craft Assistant
  • Treasury Supervisor
  • Treasury Manager
  • Food/drink Assisting Vendors
  • Volunteer/JAFA Desk
  • White Elephant Stall supervisor
  • Infrastructure Assistants


If one of the above sounds like the job for you, click here to apply.



日曜日 お祭りの当日のボランティアスタッフ





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Diary Dates

Tuesday 17 September

Lisa Ono Live in Adelaide


Adelaide Town Hall


Saturday 21 September

Origami & Calligraphy Class

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Cowandilla Primary School

21 Jenkins St, Cowandilla 5033 


Wednesday 25 September


6:00pm - 9:00pm

Courtyard Bar

Metropolitan Hotel

46 Grote St, Adelaide 5000  


Saturday 5 October

Origami & Calligraphy Class

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Cowandilla Primary School

21 Jenkins St, Cowandilla 5033 



Sunday 6 October

Barossa Winery & BBQ

10:50am - 7:00pm

Ubertas Wines

Barossa Valley


Sunday 20 October

AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival

12:00pm - 9:00pm

Published Arthouse

11 Cannon St, Adelaide 5000