Due to the torrential rain in Western Japan over a period of July 6 to 8,
Okayama Prefecture experienced suffering and devastation in wide parts of
the region, including a loss of 61 precious lives. In addition, the disaster
instigated a great economic loss, due to the impact it has had on our
existing transport infrastructure, commercial, industrial and agricultural
businesses affected by flood and other disaster related damages.

Fortunately, little damage was done to our airports and highways, and even
railway services and road passages that were temporarily suspended were able
to resume its full service by the end of August. We are gradually and
steadily regaining our normal day to day life.

While our thoughts are with the displaced people, who are currently living
in temporary shelters, our stance is to make every effort to provide support
for the reconstruction, so that we can restore and recover our life and
business as soon as possible.

Under these circumstances, we thank you for the donation you’ve made
through Save the Children International. We would like to extend our deepest
gratitude toward the friendship of the people in southern Australia who made
this contribution. We are committed to further strive ourselves for

Last but not the least, as a chief head of the tourism division, I have been
promoting various projects to invite more tourists to our prefecture. Our
motto is “Make Okayama Lively with Tourism.” We believe this will
eventually lead to better restoration of Okayama.

All tourist attractions are in operation, and there is no problem with the

We look forward to having more people from all over the world including
Australia and your continuous support will greatly be appreciated.


Kenji Ishii
Director Tourism Division
Okayama Prefectural Government

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